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Lefty the Lobster


Normally, a lobster has two different claws. One which has dull points on it, much like a human's molar teeth, that crushes its food and one that has sharp points on it to tear the food. Every once in a while, we see one that has a genetic mutation like Lefty here, who has two left claws and no right!

How to Tell a Male Lobster from a Female Lobster

When people come to visit our outdoor tanks at Bayley’s Lobster Pound, one of the most requested lessons is how to tell a male lobster from a female lobster. Although I will describe it here, feel free to drop by and ask us for a demonstration.When you flip a lobster over, you will notice that [...]

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Blue Lobsters

Quite a few of our commonly asked questions revolve around the phenomenon of the blue lobster. The picture I have posted here is of a blue lobster that we had in residence about fifteen years ago, Clawdon Blue (any comments will be forwarded to the smart guy who named him). He is on a cement [...]

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